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Late City Summer

It’s the summer of 1946 and Emily Stanton is returning to New York City for her wedding. After graduating from college and having her life planned out for her, she’s ready to walk down the aisle to the perfect man. That is until she’s face-to-face again with the woman who defined her love for the city and so much more over one long summer four years earlier.

Kate Alessi has made a life photographing the times and people around her, while trying to forget the woman who came to town for a few short months and turned her world upside down. When she ends up as the photographer for Emily’s coming wedding, she and Emily will have to navigate how to follow their dreams while realizing the ones that were lost along the way—the biggest of those dreams being their love for one another.


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Editor & Director, The Dodo 2021

Editor, Director, & Cinematographer, Built By Girls 2019

Editor & Cinematographer, MFY Legal 2018

Editor & Cinematographer, The Dodo 2021

Editor & Cinematographer, The Dodo 2018

Editor & Cinematographer, MFY Legal 2017

Narrative Works

STAG (Feature), Dir. Alex Speith, 2022 - Editor

Daisy Desire (Short), Dir. Lea Sassi 2018 - Editor

Siren (Short), Dir. Bob Giraldi, 2019 - Editor

Cracks (Short), Dir. Ece Cakiroglu, 2020 - Editor

Director of Photography Reels

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